DNA 201: Using DNA Results in Research

Class Description: DNA is in all of us and is becoming a popular way to enhance family history. DNA testing offers an amazing opportunity to confirm our family history research, to help us break through brickwalls, and enable us to find lost family members. This class is focused on how to use your DNA results for genealogical research, including using chromosome browsers such as GEDmatch and chromosome mapping with DNA Painter.

Instructor Biography: Andrew Martin Kolstee has been studying history and researching genealogy for 13 years. His primary interests include those in which his family has originated, including New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Sweden, England, the Netherlands, Germany, and others. He is Secretary of the Board of Trustees and volunteer at the Fenton History Center, as well as member of the Research Center Committee and a co-organizer and speaker at the Center’s Genealogy Support Group meetings. He is also a member and Trustee of the Chautauqua County Genealogical Society, and has conducted freelance genealogical research for clients through his business, The Family Historian.

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