Family Search: A Vastly Underutilized Resource

Class description: This class will provide a general review of the Family Search website. The next portion will be an in-depth look at using the catalogue and general record search. The third section of the class will focus on the Research Wiki, a powerful tool that will enable you to access classes, How To tools, records and on-line web sites pertinent to whatever country or topic that you type in.

Instructor biography: Janet Wahlberg is a research assistant at the Fenton History Center’s Hall House Research Library. She has been doing genealogy for 20+ years. She has attended training session on Irish Research led by John Grenham and David Rancher, both internationally known experts in the field. In addition, she travels to Salt Lake City and Boston annually to work with the experts located at each of these institutions. Janet has presented many programs on various topics over the last 4 years.

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Class B

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