Identifying and Caring for Family Photos

Class description: There are few things more frustrating to a genealogist or historian than hitting a brick wall in your research! What can be even worse is having a pile of photographs or scrapbooks that could very easily contain your next lead, but are instead full of unidentified people, places, and events. Where do you start with these resources? What clues can you find in photos of the past that can help you unravel their mysteries? And how do you preserve these treasures to ensure the information carries forward? Attend this seminar to learn some helpful tips and tricks to get you, and your research, moving in the right direction!

Instructor biography: Noah Goodling has served as the Executive Director of the Fenton History Center since August, 2017. With training in history and public history from Allegheny College and IUPUI, Noah has worked for a variety of distinguished museums and cultural institutions in collections and administrative roles, including, among others, the Oliver Archives Center at the Chautauqua Institution, the Indiana Historical Society, and the National Council on Public History. He has talked with and to many communities and local groups about the importance of history and the joy of making a personal connection with it, and looks forward to discussing those subjects with the participants of this conference.

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